“Miniature is one of the refuges of greatness.”

Gaston Bachelard

Beyond Scale is a little art project by artist Hondartza Fraga: an art gallery the size of a dolls’ house (approximately 42 cm wide, 46 cm tall and 30 deep. Combining my love for art and all things miniature, I built this little blue box during the crazy COVID-19 lockdown of 2020. Missing seeing art in person and physically visiting art galleries, I decided to build my own. I consider this project related to my other art space project, an actual-size gallery in Portugalete, Northern Spain, called pocagallery which I started in 2012. I cannot be as involved with pocagallery as I would like – living in a different country with various life and work commitments make it hard to travel – so Beyond Scale is my ‘local’ branch.

The project is also inspired by those who have transcended small scales with tiny art spaces, and which I list in the ‘Other Little Great Galleries’ page.

The Gallery

Upstairs there is the gallery (42 x 21 x 29 cm). This room will host a programme of changing exhibitions of work by myself and many other artists (I hope!). The space is available for testing new works or showing works that are originally small, see ‘Exhibitions’ in the menu above.

Beyond Scale is located at my own home and for the time being, exhibitions will only be accessible online only. However, I do hope to open up for appointment visits in the near future – when it is safe to do so – and perhaps tour this little blue box to other life-size art spaces so that more people can have as much fun looking as I am making it.

The Cafe

The ‘cafe’ is on the ground floor and is, of course, just for pretend fun – where I am fully indulging my amateur miniaturist skills, I made all the food and some of the furniture. But it is also the room where I display pieces from my own collection of tiny artworks. All the works of this permanent collection are listed under ‘Permanent Collection’ in the menu above.

To contact me about Beyond Space or indeed pocagallery, please email me at pocagallery@gmail.com. You can also follow my Instagram (@hondartza.fraga) for updates on this and my other projects.