Shelter in Place Gallery

A 1:12 Gallery located in Boston, USA.

Shelter in Place Gallery (SIP) aims to make gallery exhibition more accessible to artists, especially during lockdowns. The size of the gallery allows for artists to create ambitious installations without the budget and space it generally requires. We are a non-commercial space, and thanks to a small grant from the City of Boston, we are able to provide a small stipend to selected artists, and do not charge fees or facilitate sales. We review submissions from local artists on a rolling basis, and ask selected artists to either drop off or mail their work to our apartment, where the gallery lives. We then install and photograph the scale works, each artist getting their own “solo show” in the gallery, generally spanning 3-4 days. We only accept original, to-scale works, meaning we don’t accept digital reproductions of existing works. All of the artists are chosen through our open submission process.”

Credits: Exhibition by Nat Martin
Credits: Exhibition by Michael Zachary
Credits: Exhibition by Chelsea Revelle

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